Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This was my second painting for the Camp Hill Plein Air Festival.  The lady who was the owner of the house was so sweet.  Her first name was June and she was delighted that I wanted to paint her front garden.  Her neighbor Sandy was a master gardener and had planned, planted and maintains her gardens.  They were both so gracious and accommodating.  It took me all day Thursday and Friday morning  to complete.  The weather was sunny and beautiful on Thursday and Friday.  On Friday I showed the finished painting to June and she loved it.  Friday afternoon  I got a call and June wanted to purchase my painting.  So I called the gallery and they were to put a sold sticker on it which ended up to be little red circle on the back of the painting. At the awards ceremony Friday evening the last award was the "Purchase Award" and to my surprise I won!  But, I had already sold the painting. What to do!  I found out that the benefactor who gives that award did not know that it was sold and once they did they decided to give me the award anyway because they loved the painting.

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